Our Vision


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The Oshnic Group of companies has a clear vision on sustainability and natural resource management in agriculture, micro irrigation and protected cultivation. As, India has high population pressure on land and other resources to meet its food and development needs. The natural resource based on land, water and bio-diversity is under severe pressure and scarcity. Future increase in the production of food grains and non-cereal agricultural commodities will have to be essentially achieved through improvement in productivity, as the possibilities of expansion of area and stock population are minimal.
The agriculture sector recorded satisfactory growth due to improved technology, micro irrigation, inputs and pricing policies. Industrial and service sectors have expanded faster than agriculture sector resulting in declining share of agriculture in national accounts. Despite the structural changes, agriculture still remains a key sector, providing both employment and livelihood opportunities to more than 70 percent of the country's population who live in rural areas. The contribution of small farmers to the national and household food security has been steadily increasing.

The water availability for agricultural uses has reached a critical level and deserves urgent attention of all concerned. The ultimate aim of the Oshnic Group is to fulfill the all possible demands of the time for the welfare of farmers, community, nation and humanity especially in our focus areas of business.