A Brand of Excellence


All the companies of Oshnic Group are working with one concept – to attain maximum output with the expenditure of minimum Input. This concepts work for cutting of cost in the field of Agriculture. As we all know that today we are giving a huge Inputs to produce the sustainable amount of crops which results as the higher cost of Agriculture, it is because we drank additional resources in the agricultures which were even beyond the requirements. That is why today crops became more sensitive towards the climatic as well as pest attacks.
for the solution of the same today, Science and Technology taking us to a new stage of connectivity to the nature is called “ Connecting to the source “ we are all required to know the requirements first then analyze the real Problem then go for the solution in a natural way . We provide best quality Drip irrigation & sprinkler system in Bhopal (MP).
As we are applying this concept completely with our companies we made it our punch line

Connecting to the Source

All the companies of Oshnic group believes in the Hitech but Natural way of finding solution, we here working for the production of best and efficient Product s which are made for Hitech Solution of the agricultural needs but obesely taking the nature with us .

From our company AviralBiotech &Fertilisers Private Limited & Oshnic Crop Science Limited we are offering a wide range of the Organic and Bio products along with the highest quality of Chemical Insecticides and fertilizers. By Ayur Seeds Private limited we are offering highest quality of open pollinated and Hybrid seeds for the production of best crops. Lot of people in Bhopal (MP) rely on our Sprinkler system & drip irrigation sytem. From Meenesh irrigation India Private limited and Oshnic Agrovision Private limited we are applying the Modern Technology for the protected cultivation and for the preservation and efficient use of water we are also offering the ultra-Modern irrigation technologies like sprinkler system & drip irrigation system at a very competitive price.

currently Oshnic Group Has become a brand of excellence in the field of Agriculture and we are working hard to spread this brand of excellence in the other fields and there is an attempt to approach a new dimensions with this brand name .