Oshnic Agrovision


This is an era of modernization especially in the agriculture sector. Modern and sophisticated equipment with agriculture technology has become the urgent need of the farmers of India. Oshnic Agrovision Pvt. Ltd. is fully loaded with new technologies that help the farmers to utilize the small, dry and non-power connected land into a huge profit. Protective cultivation, crop management solutions, pre and post harvesting management, Control Atmospheric (CA) Cold Storage, Hitech green house, solar submersible pumps and seedling system are the basic technology associate products / services provided by the Company.

Oshnic AgrovisionPvt Ltd is leading Hitech Greenhouse Technology user in India to provide favorable environment condition to the plants. Energy is the prime need of all sectors and industries, especially in agriculture sector, which is severely suffering from the lack of adequate energy. The limited availability of energy and dry lands are the terrible combination for the Indian farmers. . The Oshnic Agrovision Private limited is ready with cheaper and improved renewable energy products to fulfil the urgent demand of Indian farmers for maximum output with minimal access of electricity. Company is also dealing with the eco-friendly and cost-effective products based on renewable energy sources like the solar panel, Solar Irrigation Pump, Solar Water Heater and broad range of LED Light products.