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The Oshnic Group of companies was established in 2003, it’s headquartered at Bhopal (MP). Our company has emerged as a world-class, multi-product, eco-friendly organization also well equipped with the latest technology and innovative ideas for customers’ satisfaction. The OSHNIC GROUP comprises 5 operating companies in different business sectors mainly in biotechnology in agriculture, fertilizers and Insecticides production, seeds, Sprinklers, and Micro Irrigation Systems, LLDPE / ISI Marked HDPE pipes and other modern Irrigation Equipment, Greenhouse, Poly house and other kinds of Protected Cultivations.
We employ ourselves in raising awareness for health and wellness, inspiring and educating people to create an economically sustainable system.
We believe to preserve and rational use of the natural resources to protect the planet earth from the uncontrolled and irrational use of conventional technology mainly in agriculture Sector. We aspire to provide organic products in Bhopal (MP). We believe in a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
Our primary aim is to improve the health and environment quality in the city by providing the means to grow organic food in Bhopal (MP) which are otherwise transported from far distances utilizing the precious fossil fuels and generating greenhouse gases in the process. We strongly support the idea of organic farming in Bhopal (MP).
Organic products from Oshnic Group Of Companies protect you and your family from the toxic adulterations that enter the food chain because of the number of lethal chemicals used while cultivation. With urban farming, you can produce multiple times more food than with regular farming.
Organic Farming in Bhopal (MP) was at a decline. People have been using products which are not organic. This made the final product which is the food very unhealthy and dangerous. We have managed to provide training to many individuals in Bhopal promoting the usage of organic food produced through organic farming. The food that we consume should be free from toxic chemicals for a healthy living.
The Oshnic Group has a clear vision on sustainability and natural resource management in agriculture, insecticides, micro-irrigation, for the benefit of our customers and the welfare of the society. The natural resource based on land, water, and biodiversity is under severe pressure and scarcity. Future increase in the production of food grains and non-cereal agricultural commodities will have to be essentially achieved through an increase in productivity by using the latest technology, as the possibilities of expansion of area and the stock population is minimal.
Currently, we are dealing with manufacturing and supply of the fertilizers, pesticide, Zinc Sulphate and micronutrients, ISI Marked HDPE pipes and Sprinklers and other micro-irrigation equipment. We are also engaged with the eco-friendly and cost-effective agricultural equipment, hi-tech Green House, Poly house and various kings of Protected Cultivation.

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Grow better crops and strong environmental compliance


Oshnic Group is well equipped with a team of technical consultants. Our purpose is to help people grow better crops with strong environmental compliance. Our training team educates people on how to produce organic food through organic farming techniques. We encourage the use of eco-friendly products for.
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After sales service refers to various processes which make sure customers are satisfied with the products and services of the organization.
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In India, Social Welfare, Agricultural development and social security all takes place on the same level. All the companies of the Oshnic Group are committed to for the same.
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